Integrate a CDN to Your Site Effortlessly

Our WordPress plugin is designed for easy integration

Hassle-Free Installation

Our free plugin automatically rewrites all URLs, such as those for CSS, JavaScript, and images, to be served by a content delivery network (CDN).

Automatic Compatibility

Use the RocketCDN WordPress plugin to link up your assets to your RocketCDN custom CName. Deploying a CDN has never been easier.

Faster Delivery with Caching

When a RocketCDN account is connected, CDN cache can be cleared from WordPress, making your content always up to date, super easily.

Get Started in No Time

Installation of the WordPress RocketCDN plugin is as easy as 1-2-3

Log in

Go to your WordPress admin dashboard.


Go to Plugins > Add New and either upload the latest RocketCDN version in .zip format, or search for RocketCDN and click Install Now.


After the RocketCDN plugin has been installed activate the plugin.

RocketCDN will now be successfully installed and activated on your WordPress website.
Then you just need to add your API key (available in your RocketCDN
account) to connect it with RocketCDN automatically.

Supercharge Your WordPress Website

One plugin, tons of benefits

Simple Configuration

Stop wasting time looking for the best settings. RocketCDN doesn’t need tweaking. After installation, your site is immediately faster. It’s that simple.

Improved Performance

We live and breathe for web performance. This means we automatically apply the best CDN configuration to boost your speed and performance score.

Unique Pricing

You will always know how much you will be charged. For only $8.99/month you will provide better user experience to your visitors, no matter where they are in the world.

Dedicated Support

Struggling with RocketCDN? Need help? Our team is always ready to assist if you have any questions or issues with our CDN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Houston, we have a problem. Find answers to all your burning questions here.

What does RocketCDN do?

RocketCDN is a custom content delivery network. It helps to improve the loading time of your website for visitors that are far away from where your server is located.

Once you’ve added RocketCDN to your website, we’ll do the following: 

– Automatically create your unique CNAME – we do not offer customized CNAMEs, e.g.
– Automatically configure optimal performance settings for assets served from the CDN:
– Apply GZIP compression
– Apply CORS headers for webfont compatibility
– Set a cache-control browser cache header
– Set canonical headers
– Serve assets over HTTP/2
– All images, JS and CSS files will automatically be served from your RocketCDN CNAME. It is not possible to use more than one CNAME with RocketCDN.

Is there a trial or a free demo?

There is no free trial period, but you may request a refund within 24 hours after the subscription. If you cancel later, when the billing month has already started, you will be charged for the full month in any case.

Do you have a PoP in … ? 

You can check our Points of Presence map here

Does RocketCDN offer dedicated support?

Yes. Our team is always ready to assist if you have any questions or issues with our CDN. You can contact them through this page.

Can I use RocketCDN with WP Rocket?

Yes, you can use RocketCDN together with WP Rocket. If you are already a WP Rocket user, we recommend you buy your RocketCDN subscription directly from the WP Rocket plugin. 
This way, you will not only enjoy a preferential price but you will also be able to connect your WordPress website to RocketCDN directly from WP Rocket without having to install the RocketCDN plugin.

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