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Wondering who is behind RocketCDN? We are a global team of people living and working remotely from all over the world. We are working hard to build a product you can enjoy and we can be proud of. Respect, collaboration, and inclusivity are some of our core values.

Our Ethos

As much as we love our work, we also encourage our employees to enjoy their families and their hobbies with flexible working hours and an unlimited paid time off policy. We care about the work we do, not just about the hours we sit at our desks.

Our Story

A content delivery service made with love by the founders of WP Rocket

In the Name of Performance

Fond of performance but frustrated with every existing cache plugin, we first came up with WP Rocket, a premium caching plugin for WordPress sites that will speed up a website in just a few clicks.

Even after mastering the art of caching with WordPress, we knew images could still be heavy and drag load time down. That is why Imagify came to be, an image optimization tool to help reduce the size of images without sacrificing their quality.

We also knew that If your website aims to reach an international audience, the distance from your visitors’ origin server has a significant impact on performance. With that in mind, we launched RocketCDN, an essential tool to make your website reach the stars.

Behind every tool we create is the idea of performance and simplicity combined.

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A few days ago, I subscribed to RocketCDN which has significantly improved various metrics that I was not able to optimize.
The technical support was GREAT to help me. BRAVO and THANK YOU!!!

Marie-Aude Bourson

I recently also switched from Cloudflare to RocketCDN and all I can say is WOW. RockedCDN blew me away, it’s not only more stable, from what I can say now, it’s also way faster, at least for my usecase! And about half the Price of Cloudflare Plus!


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