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Is there a trial or a free demo?

There is no free trial period, but you may request a refund within 24 hours after the subscription. If you cancel later, when the billing month has already started, you will be charged for the full month in any case.

Will my site benefit from a CDN?

A CDN will be of benefit in these situations:
– Your website receives visitors from all over the world
– Your own server doesn’t have enough resources. In this case, offloading static files to a CDN could be of benefit.

In most cases, if your site is already hosted on a server that is in the same geographic region as your visitors, you do not need a CDN.

Can I use RocketCDN on unlimited sites?

No. Each site requires its own RocketCDN subscription. Therefore, if you have a staging site and a production site, you won’t be able to transfer RocketCDN between them, you should subscribe using your production site.

What does the RocketCDN WordPress plugin do?

The RocketCDN plugin allows you to easily enable RocketCDN on your WordPress website. You can simply install the plugin, activate it and add the RocketCDN API key provided once you’ve bought a subscription.
Then all of your static assets on your website will be served through our content delivery network. Deploying a CDN has never been easier!

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