What Makes RocketCDN So Powerful

The simplest Content Delivery Network to supercharge your website

Automatic Configuration

Anyone can do it

No complicated CDN tabs and options. We automatically apply the best CDN configuration to boost your speed and performance scores.

The Easiest Integration

Add to any CMS, effortlessly

Installation is hassle free, whether you use our WordPress plugin or your custom url to link up your assets to RocketCDN. Deploying a CDN has never been easier!

Always the Same Price


The price is always the same, no matter the bandwidth.
No different prices for different locations.

Let’s Do the Math!

We’ve compared Bunny.net and RocketCDN monthly prices for a 300GB bandwidth


  • Bandwidth: 300GB
  • Price: $13.5/month

The price depends on your traffic and region (calculated price is for 7 regions)

  • Bandwidth: unlimited
  • Price: $8.99/month

RocketCDN price is always the same (unlimited bandwidth, no selected regions).

RocketCDN is very fast to set up. Once you’ve signed up, there is absolutely no configuration to handle (so no technical headaches!). Your website will turn into a fighter jet! (and it is less expensive than my previous CDN).

Alex Bortolotti – WPMarmite

Power and Speed Are Just 1 Click Away

We live and breathe for web performance

Designed for Performance

Created by the WP Rocket team, RocketCDN automatically applies the best CDN settings.

Cache expiration policy, GZIP compression, HTTP2… we set everything up to boost your speed and performance scores. We’re on a mission to make the web faster, hop on the spaceship!

Simplicity Like Never Before

No need to be a rocket scientist, using RocketCDN requires absolutely no technical knowledge.

You won’t waste your time going through numerous tabs and complicated customization options. Let us do the heavy lifting: simply enter your url to enjoy our custom automated CDN settings. That’s it!

Compatible with Your Website Technology

Integrate RocketCDN directly with WordPress or connect to any content management system through your RocketCDN CNAME. You can always deliver your content in a superfast manner, regardless of your favorite CMS.

One Plan, Unlimited Speed

A single offer to suit all your needs

No need to calculate your costs, you will always know how much you will be charged, regardless of your bandwidth.
Give it a try for one month, you can unsubscribe whenever you want!

For each domain, our plan includes:

  • Unlimited bandwidth*
  • All CDN files automatically served over HTTPS
  • SSL traffic
  • All Global POPs
  • Excellent support

Monthly Yearly
$ 8.99 Billed monthly

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Start your Cosmic Journey with RocketCDN

Enjoy a 3-step configuration


To get started, simply add the URL of the domain you would like to speed up.


All CDN settings and configurations are applied automatically, no need to do a thing!

Take Off!

Add your CDN URL to any CMS, framework, or custom app. Your website is instantly faster!

Our Team Is Here for You

Expert help at your fingertips

We’re a passionate bunch always happy to provide fast and friendly support

Questions? Issues? We’re here to help you out.

Reach out to us and we’ll answer all your queries, always with a smile. Together, we’ll take your website to space.

Meet Romain

When he’s not flying his spaceship, he helps customers all around the globe.

Launch Your Website into Space with RocketCDN!

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